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Looking west. The big building in the middle is the TD Waterhouse center (formerly known as the Orlando Arena.)
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Looking west-southwest from the top of the building
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Looking south-southwest. I-4 stretches off southward into the distance, and the East-West Expressway (SR408) crosses over it.
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Looking south. The building with the blue pyramids at the top is the SunTrust tower, home of the Orange County ARES/RACES repeater (146.730, 103.5 PL tone.)
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Looking southeast. The barely-visible spike on the horizon is the tower at Orlando International Airport (MCO).
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Looking southeast, zoomed in on the tower at Orlando International Airport (MCO).
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Looking southeast (without zoom.)
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Looking northeast. The top of the Orange County Courthouse is visible on the right. The antenna in the foreground is connected to the 442.250 repeater (the one we're working on.) We THINK the helicopter was from the Orange County Sheriff's Department (it had just taken off from behind the courthouse) but we couldn't see it well enough to be sure.
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Looking east. Orlando Executive Airport is in the middle, and the Courthouse is on the left.
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Looking east-southeast. The OUC Stanton power plant is visible on the horizon, to the left of the spike.
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Looking east-southeast, zoomed in on the OUC Stanton power plant.
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Looking northeast.
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Looking north. The Altamonte Springs water towers are barely visible on the horizon.
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Looking northwest (through one of AirWire's point-to-point antennas.)
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Aaron (AE4KO) starts inspecting the UHF radio.
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Looking up at AirWire's antennas. The repeater's antenna and the weather station are visible on the left.
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The station's equipment. From the top: power supply, VHF transceiver (for APRS), UHF transceiver (having issues), and the repeater controller. The black box below the monitor is the Linux machine, which is the Orlando APRS gateway as well as IRLP node 4510. (The equipment below the black box belongs to
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The UHF antenna and the weather station.
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The UHF antenna and the weather station.
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Another view of the station's equipment.